Checklist: Which Factors to Consider when you Choose a Business to Join
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Many people ask me, what factors they should consider in finding and choosing the right business to join and be part of. The following checklist should guide you in your research and decision to maximize your probability of success and income growth:


→  A support team that is eager to help you grow your business and is available for at least regular business hours via phone and has an e-Mail response time of less than 24 hours Unfortunately you can often not know how efficient and quick a business’s support team is. I recommend you research reviews of existing and past members of the business. If their response time or availability is terrible, many people are likely to mention it on the internet.


→  I highly recommend getting involved with privately owned companies as they are debt-free and not controlled by the public. However if the businesses you are evaluating is publicly owned, research their current stock standings as well as short and long-term historic changes in their stock. If the stock has steadily decreased or decreased significantly in the past few months, I recommend for you to keep looking for another business to join.


→  The business should have an overall positive reputation among the public. There will always be haters for any business, but there should be far more people who have positive experiences as members of the business as well as customers of the business. If a business has a bad reputation, it will be difficult for you to change peoples’ minds and you will most likely spend more time and money than recommended to yield a profit.


→  A proven track record of their business building system as well as product or service sales will lead to credibility among interested entrepreneurs to recruit as well as potential customers


→  Assure the business has a competitive edge in the market and offers a unique product or service or at least a unique feature or benefit that competitors do not offer.


→  A 100% money back satisfaction guarantee is usually a great indicator that the business is legit and has good intentions and that they are confident that their products or services will bring value to their customers.


→  A major advantage of joining a business rather than building a business from scratch on your own is the maintenance required to upkeep the business. The more training and templates as well as business set-up and support the business you are considering offers, the better as it will reduce the maintenance you are responsible for and allow you to spend your time working on other things that will increase your sales and commissions.


→  A low sign-up or joining fee is a good sign that the business does not sustain itself merely by new people joining its program, but is indeed focused on building more than just a multi-level pyramid of recruiting people with no other intention than to yield a profit on their membership or sign up fees.


→  Pricing can be a huge deciding factor for customers’ impression of a brand. Too low pricing may create a brand image of being cheap and merely aiming on mass sales. Pricing products or services too high will limit your target market by income and spending potentials. So make sure the business you will be backing has competitive pricing that matches their goals and positions the products and services you will be promoting optimally in the market.