Expectations and Impatience
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“Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion.” -Oprah.

What You can Learn from that Quote

Don't overwork yourself by trying to accomplish everything by yourself. Instead focus on the things you are passionate about yourself and seek assistance by building a team of people who are passionate about the other "uncovered" areas that are required to build a successfully business.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” - Beverly Sills

What You can Learn from that Quote

If there were shortcuts to making a million dollars overnight, everyone would be taking them. And unfortunately there are many people who try to take advantage of our emotional temptations by advertising products that will supposedly show you how to become wealthy overnight. Don't fall into this trap. Instead strategize and look for tools and resources that may assist you on your way to building a successful business. Automate or outsource certain tasks and do not spend your valuable time on them, such as social media management or customer service

“Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent.” - Steve Martin

What You can Learn from that Quote

Some of us are lucky to have been blessed with great talents of some sort that we can then use to build a business, whether you are musically talented and you want to start your own band or you want to open your own photography studio. And while talents are certainly a great asset, your effort and diligence can quickly overweigh any talent you may be missing out on. So always keep trying, don't be lazy, get up early, stay up late, and you will be successful even if you do not have any apparent talents that may help you in your business.

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