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This is a Guest Post

When interviewing to fill a vacancy that has come up in a company, it is usually assumed that only the candidate should be selling themselves in order to get a job. However, think about this; if a very good candidate has a number of interviews lined up for the week then you aren’t necessarily going to be their first choice. As such, it is up to you to sell the company that they may be coming to work for as best you can.

You will want to show that you are not only a good company to work for, but also an industry leader that compares favourably with other firms that are in the same sector. There are a few different ways that you can do this from showing the yearly projections that you have, your business plan and also offering out promotional material.

Present your business model to sell yourself

One of the best ways to sell your company as a desirable employer is by showing off your business model and your standing in the industry. This can come in the form of projections that can be shown as part of a slideshow that would also include the business plan and overall mission statement.

This can be presented under a number of different categories:

·  Business description – this will outline the industry that you work in and the outlook for it in the next few years.

·  Competitive analysis – in this you will determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market and how they compare with you as a company.

·  Design and development plan – this is a section to provide potential employees with a description of the products that you provide, chart the development of it and where it will be in the next five years.

·  Operations and management plan – you will outline just how the business functions and how the potential employee would fit into this.

·  Financial factors – this shows how much money the company has made since its inception and what it has grown to today, before finally showing its projections.

Don’t be boring, present yourself in different ways

With technology moving on seemingly every second, you have an awful lot of options open to you on how to show your company off in the best light. You don’t just have to sit around and talk to potential employees for half an hour, you can use a multitude of digital technologies.

You can share with the recruits videos and slideshows of what your company is all about, as well as showing how the social media side of the firm works. While this isn’t a new technology, getting some of your current staff to talk to the new recruits could be a good way for you to present the firm as this will be a much more personal approach.

The way to really sell your products on employees is by giving them a sample

Indeed, if you want to convince recruits of the merits of your products then a good way of doing so would be to handover some of the promotional items that you have in stock. For a great range of promotional memory sticks click here.

One Response to “Painting a Picture of a Company to Potential Employees”

  1. Good article. What you wrote is true about on how to sell the company to potential employees. The use of today’s technology really brings up the level of the company and it helps stand above other companies. Giveaways is also great way to recruits like you said.