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We know how difficult it can be to find free ways to promote your business or website. That is why we are offering you to share your business/website with our audience who may benefit from your products or services or any interesting content you may have on your website.

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26 Responses to “Promote Your Business or Website for FREE”

  1. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Joey.

    Just started building a site that will focus on bringing together content from different leaders I have learned from and believe people will find value in. My purpose is to create a hub for people so they have a place to find great content instead of searching the web and strolling through non-sense for hours.

    Check it out and if you like it be sure to leave comments and tell me what you think!

    Good luck to you all!

  2. Website:
    Top 10 lists on a variety of topics.
    Offering content marketing and advertising.
    Need guest bloggers.
    Open to collaboration.

    Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

  3. URL:

    Description: Niche is self-growth focusing on personal identity and improvement.

    Offers: At present I offer content and a free E-book when readers sign up for my mailing list.

    What I need help with: Need more traffic, brainstorming for E-books to write for small profit, endorsements, brainstorming for ad campaigns

    I am definitely interested in ad swaps.

    Thank you for this opportunity of assistance.

  4. URL:
    Brief Description: A stand-up show in ealbum
    What you are offering (Products/Services/Content): Content – An ealbum (PDF file).
    What you need (what others could help you with): If I could find a serious marketer…..

    Griot’s Roll Film Production & Services Inc. is a video marketing company, that provides video services for businesses, non-profits, corporations, city and state agencies looking to demonstrate a product, educate their target market on their services or organization looking to improve their presences on-line using video and social media. Griot’s Roll creates the on-line video for our clients, as well as helps our clients create a marketing and advertising campaign surrounding the video. We then track the campaigns success through the uses of video analytics, and other tracking and data software’s.

    We also do training around social media, e-mail and video marketing for non-profits, corporate marketing managers, business owners and entrepreneurs to help them build their on-line presences and build their brand.

    Business Owners and entrepreneur could share my website events page on their social media pages to help promote on going trainings. In turn we can promote other entrepreneurs, business owners events on our social media pages. Feel free to reach out to us at griots@griotsrollproduction

  6. fresh, clean, fast-forward design + marketing and much more including graphic/web design, printing/screenprinting, copywriting and social media management!

  7. Myrna Lou Goldbaum says:

    I am a Master Palmist , an Author and the Soul mate Specialist
    I am a romantic and see love in everyone’s palm from babyhood to the elderly. Some people are with theirs today and others seek a mate.
    I have documented 50,000 palms in 60 plus+ with 90-95% accuracy. My book Soul Mate Connections, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Relationships, Love, Romance and Soul Mates is popular.
    I have created a Relationship I,Q. Test; listeners grade themselves. I read palms sent to my email address during a show. This is interactive and time flies on a show. If announced before I appear palm prints sent to my email address can be worked up prior to a show and can be more detailed.
    I also discuss the lines that involve the following: life, work, reproduction and the bracelets.

    My book Soul Mate Connections is available from me or on The publisher is infinity Publishing; their website to purchase this book is

  8. Chicagoland area events/travel/recreation/museums/art galleries

  9. We are a Louisiana hot sauce company. We create custom label hot sauce for
    promotional activities. Our customers include restaurants, businesses looking
    for a unique way to promote, fund raising activities, special events, etc.

    We have a wide variety of styles and flavors, including some exclusive gourmet
    hot sauce. We provide in-house label design and printing.

    Our web site is

  10. Hi there !
    As an Orlando transportation service we cater to customers in the central Florida area including locals, tourists and conventioneers. We provide clean luxury vehicles at normal taxi rates and a courteous driver at your service.We provide transportation and chauffeured services for both individuals and groups for a variety of events and occasions.
    From airports transfers to hotels, resorts, attractions and cruise transportation our drivers will always be there promptly to get you from one location to another.
    I also want to promote my rural housing loan website that is an information framework for people looking to refinance or apply for a home mortgages in the rural areas or improving their credit score or even getting help for a business loan.

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  12. If you cannot easily click to call your business or find your directions without scrolling or zooming from a mobile device you ARE losing business.
    You need to be mobilized today.
    Please go here and test your site.

    we are a floor safety company, preventing slip-and-fall accidents.
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  15. 3dmerchant says:
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  16. Hello all,

    Thought you might dig this indie Facebook game taking on the social gaming heavyweights: Bookie Mania. Basically it’s a new social betting start-up that takes the money out of betting and allows players to bet on Facebook for virtual goods.

    The link to our website is

    Give a shout if you think interesting for any of your blogs.

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  18. Ending Unhappiness – For Good

    Learning how Happiness Works to begin ending unhappiness in your life

    Happiness Works with people to help them in ending unhappiness for good. We think we are our bodies, while we are actually more our minds. We are holding the troubles, traumas and hurts of our lifetime in our mind and influenced on the daily basis by the massive amounts of false messages from media and marketing in our daily environment. These old hurts remain unresolved and often come up in our mind and make us feel bad all over again.

    Not any more, unless we so choose. There is now a new insight into resolving the hurts of the past, connecting with our Soul’s true purpose for living, and gaining the true and lasting happiness we are all craving. Learn how Happiness Works to start Ending Unhappiness For Good in your life.

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  19. sharonball1 says:

    I am a Christian Life and Wellness coach. I specialize in health through weight loss as a nurse practitioner so I also do quite a bit of weight loss coaching. My group weight loss program will be beginning January 7th. Space is limited so get signed up now. Go to:
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  21. Kim Hanley says:

    Hello. I am a Virtual Assistant specializing in helping Real Estate agents who want to focus on the client not the clutter. My website is Please stop by for a bit and see if I might be able to help you too.

  22. Hey everyone,

    I’ve got a business that takes the psychology and mindsets of people who have built the most powerful and influential business empires throughout history and condenses them down into mental frameworks and achievement systems so that you can implement them in your own life to create your own business empire.

    check out

    If you are really a big thinker and want to take things way beyond just an online business or some real estate holdings then this is for you.

    feel free to contact me personally at

  23. Nice Post,

    We are Online on Web Directory since very long. Our Directories are :-


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