Are you ready to quit your job and become a full-time entrepreneur?
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  1. I have replaced my salary with my business income for the past three consecutive months
  2. My business generates a minimum of 15 new leads every day
  3. I have an e-Mail list that is growing by at least 10 additional subscribers a day
  4. My business is automated enough to continue generating income even if I take a few days off
  5. I feel confident in my ability to persuade people to purchase my product or service
  6. I have a blog
  7. I publish at least one article a week on my blog
  8. I have enough internet knowledge to set
  9. I know how to set up and host webinars

10. I have my own Facebook Fan Page

11. I have a LinkedIn account

12. I am part of at least 3 LinkedIn Groups

13. I have a website

14. I have business cards

15. I have a business phone number

16. I have a separate e-Mail address for business use

17. I have a logo for my business

18. I feel comfortable speaking to people about my business

19. I can convert at least 5% of my leads into sales (1 out of 20 leads makes a purchase)

20. I have made a video of myself or my business before

21. I could easily get at least 3 past customers to write a testimonial (without providing an incentive to them for doing so)

22. I have created a squeeze page before

23. I have enough savings or capital to cover all of my business expenses for at least six months (without counting on the income from my job)

24. My business expenses are significantly lower than my revenues

25. My business will bring me long-term satisfaction, because I enjoy building and running it and it is consistent with my overall values