3 Types of Workers – Which type are you?
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You Do Not Want To Work In A “Slave Cave” – Do You?

“I hate my job”  Do you not hear this phrase so often from your friends and family? The majority of people are not satisfied with their jobs and complain about their crazy co-workers and their their boss controlling their lives. In fact, the people that complain the most about their jobs are people that work in a particular category of jobs.

Overall jobs can be classified into three major categories – “But flatters”, “Slave caves”, and “Sweat suckers”. Knowing which jobs are in which of those three major categories will help people who are searching for a job to look in the right categories for the job that they are seeking.


The first category of jobs is the “Butt flatters”. Those are the most popular jobs that the majority of people would like to be working at. You get a fairly high pay and you sit all day in front of a computer with a minimal amount of work to do and write with your friends on Facebook. Once an hour a customer comes and asks you to cash their check or their payment for their existing loan and all you do is write to your friends “I’ll be back in two minutes. I have to work”. That is the only time you ever get up from the chair and relax your butt muscles, which become completely wore out and flat after about six months.

Now you are probably asking yourself, what kind of jobs are in this category. I suggest you look for small businesses that are private loan companies or need a computer technician in case the computer will ever break ...

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