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What you will learn in our Bootcamp

Phase 1 – Pre Start-Up


Phase 2 – Start-Up Funding

  • Self-Funding: Savings, Planning, Family
  • Obtaining a Bank Loan
  • Seeking Investor Funding
  • Raising Capital through Crowd Funding
  • Qualifying for a Business Grant


Phase 3 – The Start-Up

  • Your Purpose
  • Your Business Name
  • Your Logo
  • Communicational Tool Branding


Phase 4 – Business Legalities

  • Legal Form of Ownership
  • Employer Tax Identification Number
  • Business Permits and Licenses
  • Business Insurance


Phase 5 – Web Presence

  • Complete 15-Point Website Checklist


Phase 6 – Products and Services


Phase 7 – Marketing

  • Niche
  • Marketing Goals
  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Marketing Budget
  • Target Market
  • Lead Generation
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Marketing Schedule


Bonus: My Progress Checklist


Phase 8 – Management

  • Location
  • Time Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
    • Staff
    • Positions
    • Compensation
    • Benefits
    • Incentives
    • Free Template: Job Description
    • Human Resource Management Checklist
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management


Phase 9 – Finances

  • Official Start Date
  • Accounting
  • Record-Keeping
  • Financial Plan


Phase 10 – Long-Term Growth and Sustainability


-> Bonus: Quick-Start Guide

-> Checklists & Assessments

3 Day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required

To ensure your satisfaction, we want to make sure this Bootcamp is what you are looking for before you spend any money. Contact us today for a 3 Day no-obligation, no credit card, 100% Free Trial.  Simply fill out the Contact form and let us know you would like to try it it out and we will e-Mail you once the 3 Day free trial is set up for you.


This Bootcamp is for You if

  • You are tired of working a JOB and would like to become self-employed
  • You would like to start your own business, whether it'd be to start a traditional brick and mortar business or become and online marketer, promote your band or become a freelancer
  • You are looking for a business you could join as an independent contractor to build a sustainable stream of income
  • You would like to know how to build a profitable business from scratch
  • You would like to know how to manage, control, and maintain a successful business
  • You like money
  • and would like to earn lots of it as an entrepreneur

3 Day Free Trial

To ensure your satisfaction, we want to make sure this Bootcamp is what you are looking for before you spend any money. Contact us today for a 3 Day no-obligation, no credit card, 100% Free Trial.  Simply fill out the Contact form and let us know you would like to try it it out and we will e-Mail you once the 3 Day free trial is set up for you.

What you will get:


What you can expect after completing this Bootcamp

After completing the Ultimate Entrepreneur Bootcamp, you will have a much better understanding in the following areas, which will serve as your entrepreneurial foundation to start, build and manage a highly successful and profitable business:

  1. Building a business from scratch
  2. Choosing a niche
  3. Coming up with a business idea
  4. Developing a business strategy
  5. Completing market research
  6. Seeking investor funding, bank loans, or grants
  7. How to market your business to maximize brand awareness
  8. Running your business and sustaining its profitability
  9. Growing your business revenue and increasing return on investment

10. Working through obstacles

11. Maximizing efficiency by finding the resources you need to decrease the time invested in certain tasks, such as invoicing or payroll, increase the efficiency of certain tasks, such as customer relationship management, and finally increase your revenues and return on investment

12. Continuously learning and developing yourself through motivational training and expert tips on marketing, management, and operations

13. Keeping up-to date with industrial and technological changes and adjust your business strategy accordingly

What makes this different than anything out there:

  • Continuously updated with more features and bonuses added
  • V.I.P access to expert guidance and mentorship
  • Everything only covers a small part, such as specific to social media  marketing. Not only do you not have the time to learn everything in such detail, you do not have the time to implement it all successfully or you'll still be trying to get more Facebook likes 5 years down the road without a penny of profit - this bootcamp was designed with the reality in mind that we have limited resources and limited time and cannot focus to become the very best at each certain thing, but rather a feasible combination with maximized efficiency within the scope of our ability and limited resources.
  • You will not find any other program that will serve as an entrepreneurial educational program with services ranging from the very basics of determining whether you are ready to become a full-time entrepreneur at this time of your life, to choosing whether you want to become part of another business or build a business of your own, through an extensive course of market research and analysis and writing your business plan to be the foundation of your business’s existence and a strategic plan of guidance through your business progress, all the way to a continuously updated mentorship to build your business, manage your business, market your business, maintain your business, and grow your business with optional personal one-on-one consultation services and a directory of thousands of templates, business forms, tools and resources to help you save on your business expenses, increase your task efficiency of every aspect of your business, and increase your return on investment.